Ask a Bartender: Issue 2

Question: My 21st birthday is coming up on Saturday. What’s the first thing I should try?!?

From Sammi T., Portland, OR

First, Happy Birthday! We are here to get you F&*@&d up!!! No, just kidding. Well sort of… This is a great question. For all the new 21 year old’s on the planet, the question has always been what is first? Our goals as bartenders is to give you a night to remember. The 21st birthday is the most important day/night in any young person’s life. It only lasts for one night but the memories last forever.

My suggestion? Start off with the 21st birthday classic, The Stop Light. 3 shots, named accordingly. The first is a green light (vodka, Midori), then the yellow light (vodka, orange juice) and lastly, the red light (vodka, cranberry).

Now, your friends are inevitably going to try to get you done in quick. If you are adventurous, try a four horsemen or a red-headed slut. But no matter what, stay away from the prairie fire!

Other great suggestions:

Royal Flush
Washington Apple
Lemon Drop

Good luck. Have fun and remember to be safe!

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Originally published on Ambition Lifestyle