From the Vault: Falling Down (1993)

So we begin in traffic on a hot summer day in L.A., in a car with the walls closing in on our hero William “D-fens” Foster (Michael Douglas) who snaps. Leaves the car and starts to walk home to the dismay of many others. As he leaves anther enters a retiring Detective Prendergast, (Robert Duval) helps move the now abandoned car off the ramp.

Our hero then gets into a fight with a corner store owner, over prices in the store, after renegotiating the price of a 12oz. Coke to 50 cents, and acquires a make shift baseball bat. He rests for a second and is confronted by gang bangers, who he gets the best of; he calls his ex-wife to tell her he is coming home, for his daughter’s birthday. Once off the phone the gangbangers decide to take a shot at D-fens, who is now official having a pretty bad day. Now D- FENS is pissed and has a bag full of guns.

Meanwhile the detective is hearing about D-FENS activities of the mourning, he has done a lot before noon including getting lunch on his way home. The detective is realizing that D-fens, causing trouble on his way to a pinnacle the question is when he will reach the summit. Okay so D-FENS is bat shit crazy and god only knows how many people will piss him off on his way home, but lucky for him they keep upgrading his weapons.

In the end there is a showdown between Detective Prendergast, and D-FENS learns he is the bad guy to his own dismay. So sit back and watch other people messed up life so you can feel better about yours welcome to 2011 and go back to 1993 and watch a nut case try to find sanity by going home.

Director: Joel Schumacher

Writer: Ebbe Roe Smith

Starring: Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall

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Originally published on PureStyle Magazine