From the Vault: Heat (1995)

Heat have you seen it if not, you deserve to one of the best heist movies ever made. The acting is stellar with more stars in the movie than you can shake a stick at. Within the first 20 minutes you have a robbery, triple homicide and attempted murder. Michael Mann the director/writer takes us through the main characters lives next the pace slows, but it builds with a great story. Neil (De Niro) meets a girl Eddy a takes her back to his place, he finds the one thing he doesn’t have with Eddy.

The next day Vincent (Pacino) is looking for a lead shaking down a snitch to find out who is killing and robbing in his city. Neil is meeting a guy about a bank robbery and trying to sell the bonds he has already stolen. This is the beginning of where everything comes together, the story continues to build. While we meet all the players girlfriends, and other character that may seem unimportant they are. Now it is time to talk with the snitch it seems uneventful until someone mentions a guy who calls people slick. Vincent gets a name checks it out and then the surveillance begins.

Now we find out how badass our boys really are as a deal goes bad; they are strategically set up to take out the ass holes that set them up. The cops almost get them, instead one error exposes them and they walk. The next move by our anti-heroes is to find out what cop has a hard on for them. By making the cops and then finding out there back round. That night is the showdown between Neil and Vincent at a dinner shop off the highway. Vincent and Neil decide that both of them do what they do best; guaranteeing to have a big time showdown, mostly because they don’t know how to do anything else. After Neil encounter with Vincent, Vincent finds out that the crew dumps all of the police surveillance.

The bank is set, ready and primed for the big robbery, the police have no idea where there are. When the driver gets his tail back, they grab an old friend. Then the Vincent gets word that Neil is looking at a bank at 11:30 has the boys are coming out the police getting there. All hell breaks loose the crew and police shoot up a city block, after all of this you still got 40mins of one fine movie left. So sit back and enjoy the revenge that takes place, one showdown between Neil and Vincent; where only one survives.

Director: Michael Mann

Writer: Michael Mann

Starring: Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore

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Originally published on PureStyle Magazine