From the Vault: Menace II Society (1993)

The worst words uttered “I feel sorry for you mother.” in South Central L.A., this statement will get you killed. This is where Caine (Tyrin Turner) life is change as him and O-Dog (Larenz Tate) after buying a couple of 40oz beers; end up with a double homicide and robbery. O-Dog and Caine grab the video tape and flee the scene; O-Dog decides to keep the tape as entertainment. Caine is at the last day of High School and graduating, he stops by Ronnie’s (Jada Pinkett Smith) who is Caine father’s ex-partner. Caine then goes home to his Grandparents, where he is lectured by his grandfather about his way of life.

That night Caine attends a graduation party and meets up with all of his friends and cousins, we learn of the diversity in the group. His cousin a committed OG, his friend Stacy that is a talented football player, Sharif an ex-block boy that has converted to Islam and A-wax a street thug as dangerous as they get. When the group decides to get food form a fast food place things get a dangerous to men decide to car jack Harold who can’t go out like a punk giving up his BMW and chain. In response the carjacker shots Harold in the head and Caine in the shoulder. O-Dog rushes Caine to the hospital to get him help were he has a brief encounter with the police. After Caine is released from the hospital O-Dog tells him he knows the guys who killed is cousin, they decide with A-wax to kill those responsible. They find the two bothering a girl at a walk up bugger joint and gun the men down; A-Wax sees one trying to get away and finishes him off.

Now after four murders in a few weeks Caine is feeling pretty G, and decides to steal a black Nisan Maxima in a garage. This does not turn out well for him he is arrested and charged being that he is 18, but released after the police link him to the corner store homicide. Caine does not slow down one bit he boys a stolen Mustang 5.0 and then robs a guy for his rims and a meal. The following night a racist cop pulls over Caine and his friend beats them and dumps them in a Mexican neighborhood. The locals help the two; this surprises Caine who expected then to hurt them more.

Caine is in the hospital for a little while, and Ronnie got a job in Atlanta and tells Caine about it, and that she would like him to move to Atlanta with her. Later that week at Ronnie’s going away party Caine tells her that he will go with her, she then makes advances on Caine and they have sex. Later Caine is playing cards, and a man makes advances on Ronnie. Ronnie and he continue to fight until Caine beats the man down with O-Dog’s Gun. The next day Caine is confront by a man that tells him he got his cousin pregnant, Caine denies this and then beats the man down. Caine goes to see Parnell and tell him what is going on, he give his blessing and tells Caine to watch what he does out there in the world, and raise Anthony Ronnie’s son better.

As they are packing up Ronnie and Caine is getting prepared to leave L.A., a car pulls up and karma finally catches up with Caine. As the car approaches a hail of gunfire comes from the car which has the man Caine beat up the morning before. As the gun fire rains down Caine is killed Ronnie is heart-broken and the life continues in L.A. as our story ends.

Director: Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Writers: Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Starring: Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate, Jada Pinkett Smith

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