The Certified Podcast – Episode 1 – Sheik Kargbo (@SheikKargbo)

Hip hop artist and producer Sheik Karbo gets us kicked off with a bang for episode #1 of The Certified Podcast. Sheik is a rapper, producer and businessman. From the DMV to the Bay Area, the guy is doing big things. We talk about music, life and much more.

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If you are looking for the Ambition Lifestyle: Rise & Grind Vol, 1 mix-tape we mentioned on the episode then you are in luck! We just uploaded the entire album to our Certified Soundcloud page. So listen and enjoy! It includes 2 tracks from Sheik Kargbo.

The Certified Podcast is all about talking to extraordinary people. Whether it be from the world of entertainment, sports, tech or business. It’s all about the conversation, not just an interview.

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