The Interview: DONN¥ GOIN€$ (@DonnyGoines)

More than just a rapper, Donny Goines is building a brand. In the almost 2 years since we last interviewed the hip-hop star on the rise he has grown by leaps and bounds. He’s developed his own company, name and is doing big things.

For those that don’t know about Donny Goines, you can feel free to do a little background with our previous interview with him. How’s it going Donny? Since last we spoke you’ve dropped a couple albums and a book. Can you tell us a little about what you’ve been up to the last year or so?

DONN¥: What’s good bro? Thanks for having me back. I guess we can start off with the name change: DONN¥ GOIN€$. I decided it was time to showcase my business mentality alongside the music. Many people don’t know what I’ve been up to so let me fill in the blanks. I’ve been hard at work developing my company Ink Different Inc. behind the scenes. I’m about %98 done with all of the formalities and paperwork (Thank God lol) and am ready to launch a full scale campaign starting this summer.

Looking back at your start, how has Disco D influenced your career? What lessons have you learned on your path from here to now that make you a better person, artist and a smarter business man?

DONN¥: “Hustle Harder” That was Disco D’s motto. That man taught me so many lessons and  I’m very blessed to have had the chance to learn from him. He was a very talented Producer, DJ, Mentor and Businessman. In many ways, he was the architect of my blueprint. Before him, I never really had anyone to show me the ropes in this industry. The countless experiences I gained from just being in his presence are priceless. I miss him. He is one of the greatest people I’ve ever encountered in my life.

As one of the hardest working artists in the business, hands in everything. What motivates you to keep that passion? That drive?

DONN¥: Many different things motivate me but the driving force is creativity. In all forms. Music, writing, fashion, art and many more areas of creativity allow me to explore and go places I’ve never dreamed of. There’s are no limits and the world is a very large place. I intend to discover everything I can.

You set the world a buzz with your diss track towards Lil’ Wayne. What set off that beef and was it personal or just the music? Is there still bad blood or has it all been squashed?

DONN¥: Little bit of both. I hold no punches, and the truth is he took a jab. I wasn’t even trying to take his head off, it was more like a warning shot. As far as now, I’m done with that entire situation. One day when the smoke clears I will be able to tell my story in full and people can fill in the blanks, but for now let’s just say that I don’t want to put more negative energy into the world. I’m better then that. We all are.

You recently said your album “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” is the end of a trilogy. What is the story behind the album and as you think towards the future does the next album following start a new story or will it stand on it’s own?

DONN¥: It’s funny you asked that, and kudos for paying close attention. That album will come to light one day, it is part 3 of a series (Minute after Midnight and The Breakfast Club) that explains many different things about me. That may very well be my last album. As for now, I am focusing on my new album “Black Chains & Greens Cards”. The first album from my new collective over at Ink Different Inc. I’ll be introducing the public to some very talented people. Stay tuned.

“Ink Different” is your company and you are CEO. What can you tell us about the company and the direction it is taking?

DONN¥: My company is a full service creative entity. Many things we do in secret, but I can give you a brief overview. I’ve commissioned some of the most talented people across the globe to work in unison and bring forth a new wave of creativity the world has never seen before. All I can really say is this, expect my company to break barriers all across the board.

Your new project “Black Chains & Green Cards” is coming this summer. What can you tell us about your new project?

DONN¥: That album is the first official release under my imprint. I’m not rushing anything at all and really taking my time to create something great. The only two features on there will be two other Hip Hop artists named Bigga Threat and Lenox. Expect that to be dropping sometime later this year.

Before I let you go… 12 hours and 20 minutes. How in the world did you freestyle for that long? Haha… I get tired after talking for a few minutes.

DONN¥: The funny thing about that, it really wasn’t nothing for me. I rhyme so much that it just feels natural to me. I broke the Guinness World record and held it for a brief time. It was something creative and fun and I really enjoyed it as did the fans. At the end of the day, I just love to rap.

Thanks for taking the time Donny, anything you want to promote or let the fans know about?

DONN¥: Thank you as always for the love and support. I really appreciate it. Look out for a new mixtape titled “Jay-Be” dropping June 29th Hit on my twitter ( or where any local social media sites are sold lol. What up Mark Z!!! Gone.

Originally published on Ambition Lifestyle