The Interview: Jessi Malay

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Enjoy our interview with Jessi!

For those that don’t know about Jessi Malay… Give people a run down of who we are dealing with…

Jessi Malay: Ur dealing with a very confident, balls to the wall female that’s got a burning PASSION for performing, knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to go head and GET IT!

I was reading that you have a new single dropping soon… What’s up with that? And when can we expect it?

Jessi Malay: My new single is called Booty Bangs and it’s ridiculous! The track itself sounds like an earthquake is coming and in the song I’m saying things that every girl wants to say and every guy wants to hear! It captures the essence of me…a little hip-hop infused pop, very confident and playful..something strong and sensual that’s gonna make you dance.

In your latest blog entry, you talk about your crazy workout schedule… Give our readers a brief idea of what a workout with Jessi Malay is like…

Jessi Malay: It’s different every time because if you want to stay in tip top shape you’ve got to find ways to constantly trick you’re body and for me make it fun! So I do everything from hiking to weights to yoga…a lot of dancing too! I LOVE samba dancing… best workout ever! And I try to workout with a friend because then it’s a social thing and not a chore.

You have a passion for music and dance… What drives that passion and what are some of your influences coming up?

Jessi Malay: I’ve always had a passion for music and dance because it’s in my family, in my blood…I grew up having big family parties where we would roll out the congo drums and just dance and dance and dance…My mom has always LOVED music and dancing and I definitely got the bug..She always loved pop music so when I was really young I was listening to Donna Summers, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael and Janet Jackson, etc…Then of course growing up in LA when west coast hip-hop was at it’s prime I started loving Tupac, Dr. Dre, Snoop, etc. A huge turning point for me was when I saw the Aaliyah/Timbaland “Are You That Somebody” video because that was the first time I really saw hip-hop AND pop, my two loves, fused together…that’s the zone I saw myself in…

If you were not performing music, dancing or singing… What career would you pursue outside of the music business?

Jessi Malay: That’s SUCH a hard question because I can’t imagine being involved in anything else as a career..Music and performing is what I’ve always known I wanted to do…No matter what I would definitely have to be involved in the entertainment industry in some capacity.

Now that we got the music out of the way… Let’s get to the juicy stuff on Jessi Malay… What does Miss Jessi Malay look for in a guy?

Jessi Malay: OOOO! Honesty, humor, trust, passion, drive and a strong sense of self…but above all I need a guy that’s passionate about SOMETHING in life…no couch potatoes for me! It doesn’t hurt if he can dance too!

We like many people found you through MySpace… With over 32 thousand friends, do you think that MySpace is a valuable media, in terms of reaching people and getting out your message? And who you are?

Jessi Malay: I think aside from the radio it is the most valuable form of marketing for an artist and definitely the most effective way to give fans an understanding of what you’re about aside from you’re music… It’s a dream come true for a new artist.. I think it’s just amazing to be able to have direct contact with you’re fans that way… I love it!

There are so many pop/r&b singers out there… What makes you stand apart?

Jessi Malay: Most of the girls my age in my genre either lean much more towards the pop side or much more towards the urban/r&b side, and I feel that I really fill a void right in the middle. I’m also bringing a live performance like people haven’t seen in years and have been missing…I guarantee once you see me perform live you’ll understand what sets me apart.

Last question… and yes it’s meant to be funny… haha…. but I ask everyone. Who is your celebrity crush? Was? Or still is?

Jessi Malay: Since Saved by the Bell I’ve had a little thing for Mario Lopez! Shhhh… don’t tell.. and he can DANCE too!!

PureStyle would like to thank Jessi Malay… Check her out on MySpace and a stage near you soon!

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