The Interview: Koncept (@Koncept)

Straight out of Queens and now reppin’ Brooklyn, the Brown Bag All-Star’s Koncept is doing big things and making a lot of noise in hip-hop’s social atmosphere. Get to know more about one of hip-hop’s rising stars.

Thanks for taking the time, for those that don’t know about Koncept please take a second and let the people know who you are and what you are all about…

Koncept: I’m Koncept, emcee, Brown Bag All Star, snowboarder, tequila & whisky drinker, rapper, and taco eating champion. I love making music for you. And for me.

Known for being a member of the Brown Bag AllStars, how did that group get started and what’s the story behind that?

Koncept: We all met a Fat Beats Record store in NYC and became good friends. We all had the same goals and the same drive so forming a crew was natural. It later lead to our rap group. That’s the team.

Your latest EP “Malt Disney” is dope! What was the inspiration behind this album? What other new music are you working on and are there anymore videos on the way?

Koncept: The inspiration for Malt Disney was all the fun I was having. I released my debut album, “Awaken” and I got to travel the world and perform it and meet fans and people and I was having a great time. I made a record so people could share in the fun with me. I’m still having an incredible time and I only plan to have more fun!

I have the Malt Disney J57 Remix EP dropping via Soulspazm Records on June 11th. I went back and re-did some of the joints with J57 and made a new life for the project. I have an EP all produced by Numonics dropping later this summer. Expect a bunch of videos.

I just got back from recording my next full-length album out in LA in Red Bull Studios. We’ll have some great news to announce with that soon. Koncept & J57.

Doing collabs and performing with the likes Royce Da 5’9″, Styles P and legends like Big Daddy Kane are there any artists that you have on your wish list to get together and work with that you haven’t had the opportunity? Who was your favorite to work with so far?

Koncept: We’ll see what happens. There’s so many talented people I would like to work with in the right situation. It’s all about what fits what specific record as well as having a chemistry with an artist. Besides working with my family, Brown Bag AllStars, I’d probably have to say Royce just because he’s one of my favorite emcees.

Being independent in this era is almost a free pass to do whatever you would like and not be held back by a label. Do you enjoy the freedom of doing whatever you want or would you prefer to be on a major label?

Koncept: Honestly, it all depends. If a major was to offer me something that suits me, and is good for me, it’s possible I could take it. If not, I could always gladly stay independent and grow my fan base on my own as well like I’ve been doing. I just keep working hard and pushing my brand everyday, and work to make better and better music.

Hip-hop has evolved many many times over the generations. Where do you see it going in the next few years and how do you think your music will help influence that?

Koncept: Music is getting back to a good place. People are starting to listen to lyrics again and are actually caring about the skill of an emcee. As far as influencing a change, all I can do is make the best music I possibly can and continue to grow as an artist myself. I’m excited to get this new album out for people to hear.

Thanks for taking the time, much appreciated. Anything you want to plug or let the people know about?

Koncept: Thank you! I really appreciate your love & support! Go get my “Malt Disney” EP as well as my “Awaken” album on iTunes now. Watch all my videos and everything at “Malt Disney J57 Remix EP” is out June 11th on all digital stores. Pick that up! Say what’s up on twitter, facebook, and instagram! I’m very friendly. BIG UPS!

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