The Interview: L.S.

I would like to first take time to say thanks to L.S. for this interview. Enjoy.

Obviously, people are going to compare you to Jin because of your background and the incident. To those who don’t know you. What makes you and your style unique?

LS: I think the most distinguishing thing that differentiates me and Jin is where we come from and how we were brought up. Another thing is what we talk about in our songs. Jin is more comical in his rhymes whereas I stick to more serious issues, but I’m not saying he doesn’t either. It’s difference in styles and taste, but at the end of the day, we’re not competing against each other, we’re competing against the industry as a whole to breakthrough Asian Americans.

Being an Asian rapper. These days it’s almost easier to be white and be in the game. Do you think that there will ever really come a point to where it’s just hip-hop and not what color you are?

LS: To be honest with you, I wish and hope that one day hip hop would be just about music and not based on your skin color, but I don’t see it happening anytime in the near future. Rap/Hip-hop will always have its roots in Black culture and it started as just underground music. But as the years went by it has evolved into pop culture and music that anyone can listen to and possibly relate to. I’ve experienced racism in life and in this business. When you look different than everyone else that’s doing it, you’re going to stick out regardless, some people just can’t get past that.

From my point of view you have a street edge to your rhymes and talk a lot about the streets and your people, is that a fair judgment?

LS: I would say that’s a fair judgment. While I do tend to make my music geared towards my people and what I’ve experienced in the streets, I’m also trying to make my music more universal now, something everyone can relate to.

Is being a rap artist from NY a benefit or crutch? Is it easier because of NY or a lot of pressure?

LS: Nowadays I really don’t think it matters where you’re from. I mean back then being an artist from NY meant a lot and you wouldn’t be able to make it out there in this business without being from a well known city, but it’s not about NY anymore. There’s a lot of competition out here and no one wants to show love to just one artist, its like your man’s aight, but you gotta listen to my boyԝ type of mentality. I think the South already proved that you don’t have to be from NY to make it. That’s what I like about the South, they see one artist doing their thing and everyone supports him until he makes it.

Who are some of your influences in music, not just rap? And why?

LS: I would have to say the people around me influence my music. I say this because when I first started writing and making songs, I really did it to impress the people around me, because we ain’t have no one out there really that looks like us that’s doing it in rap. But as for those in music, it would Nas, Jay-Z, Wu Tang, Snoop, Dr. Dre and etc.

Do you think artists lose some of their identity when they sign to a major label compared to when they are indie and coming up?

LS: Somewhat yes, somewhat not. It really has to do with how much creative control you have with your label. If you sign a wack deal, you lose more and vice versa.

Did the streets make you who you are or are you who you are despite the street life?

LS: I guess you could say the streets definitely had a big influence in who I am today. I really wouldn’t be able to say half the things in my songs if I aint really lived it, you could catch a beating for that around my way haha.

You took a bullet for Jin. Does that night still sit in your mind or have you moved on?

LS: I wish I could say I moved on, and mentally I have. it’s just that there’s things that go on everyday where I’m reminded of what happened to me.

And the last question, kind of silly, but I ask it to everyone. Who is your celebrity crush? Was or still is?

LS: (Laughs). I don’t really have one.

Thanks for taking the time LS. Good looking out!

LS: No doubt! Thanks for having me and check out more news at

Originally published on PureStyle Magazine