So, you were named G4 Magazine’s #5 Hottest woman on the web. How does that feel? Has it sunk in past the Viking horns yet?

Lisa Bettany: At first I was excited, and then I saw the intro of that G4 guy humping the table and all the naked chicks then I was like, not. so. much. So much so that I made a video about it.

Lisa Bettany on the cover of PureStyle Magazine (June 2008)

Blogging has evolved so much… With everyone having a blog these days, what are some of the keys to standing out and being seen?

Lisa Bettany: Content is key. Getting noticed on the world wide web is still largely based on word of mouth… or fingers… as the case may be. If you have great content, people will refer your site to others, subscribe to your feed, and give you lots of link love in the blogosphere and on the social nets. Great photos, a readable font, and a great blog design also help.

Modeling, acting, photography, blogging? How does the 5th hottest woman on the web find time for a personal life?

Lisa Bettany: It’s a difficult balance… or lack there of. To be honest, I am a workaholic. From the minute I get up to the minute I fall asleep with my MacBook Air on my lap (had to put that plug in there), I am cooking up something creative.

So we got that you are sexy, smart, funny, and slightly crazy… How do you keep such an image going on a daily basis? Is it hard work or just completely natural?

Lisa Bettany: The slightly crazy part is all natural. I’m can be mostly zany with almost no effort. Sexy, smart, and funniness requires some work… I guess that’s why you can find me working at 5am on a Saturday night. Ack! Neck cramp…

You are a self-admitted geek. Why do you think that the term geek and nerd have come full circle and become cool? Is it really because all the geeks grew up and bought cool or do you think the world in general is just smartening up?

Lisa Bettany: In the tech and 2.0 world definitely geek=cool. In the real world, I’m not so sure. Almost 99% of real people I meet have no idea what blogging is. Twitter? Negative. Facebook & YouTube? OMG. Will you add me?

With most bloggers talking about American politics, do you find yourself, even though being Canadian, following along? Any candidates you support? Who do you think Canada wants as our next president?

Lisa Bettany: Mostly Lisa doesn’t do politics. At least not publicly. :p

Tell me about Redpilot? Where did the name come from? What’s it about? And will we ever see a website for it?

Lisa Bettany: Redpilot is a multimedia company I have been co-running since last year. This year has been crazy. First, acquiring all the gear necessary for photography, video & music production, and then actually having to learn how to use all of it and earn money freelancing. Not all fun and games. We are finally launching our uber website this weekend. It’s been a constant battle finding time to work on it while working and going to acting auditions. But it’s so close now… keep your fingers crossed.

How important is social networking? And are there any that you aren’t apart of? What would you say is your favorite? Why?

Lisa Bettany: Uber important. Social networking is one of the easiest ways to get your content out there and meet people that can help you with basically anything nerdy you throw at them. Twitter and the Twitter community is ace.

Is there any category or categories that you think even come close to describe how amazing you truly are?

Lisa Bettany: Hmm.. Largest marine mammal? Most eco-friendly automobile? Biggest dinosaur bone?

Lisa thanks for doing this interview, last question… What does being in PureStyle Magazine mean to you? 😉

Lisa Bettany: Better than the pan of apple strudel I had for breakfast. And that was truly delicious.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us Lisa, it was truly a pleasure. You can find out more about Lisa by checking out

Originally published on PureStyle Magazine