The Interview: Truth and Consequences Apparel (@TC_Apparel)

Truth and Consequences is a fitting name for a clothing line that is not afraid to be bold and accomplish their dreams. TC Apparel is an upstart brand out of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) that launched in 2011. Featuring fresh graphic tees and hoodies, tank tops, accessories and head wear. Their graphic tees come from a high quality manufacturer and they ship the next business day. Their designs are dope. Featuring a dark and creative artistic feel.

After reaching out, we tried for ourselves. They delivered a fresh, sleek all black and graphic tee. It was comfortable and fit well. The material was high quality and after washing didn’t fade (common problem with graphic t-shirts). Look for more as this season promises even more original and awesome designs.

The company they have their hands in sponsoring rock bands and mixed martial arts. They are a perfect fit for both. So if you are looking for a sponsor that fits your style they might just be the one to reach out to. Not just for guys, they also feature a women’s line. Check out all their gear at or follow them on Twitter @TC_Apparel.

A conversation with Mark Kozak, CFO of TC Apparel

Truth and Consequence Apparel is out of Edmonton (Canada), can you tell us a little about how the brand got started and why you chose to get into fashion in the first place?

Mark: I started this company after ordering some apparel online and not being happy with the quality I got and the customer service. I actually waited 3 months for something I ordered online once. So me and a few buddies decided we could probably do a much better job, alas, TC Apparel was created.

I’ve always appreciated art, and appreciated it even more when it was on comfy apparel. We enjoy putting ‘darker’ imagery onto our garments, but still being tasteful and edgy at the same time. We aren’t looking to offend anyone with our designs, but we do enjoy a lot of foreshadowing and metaphors within our designs. But unless you look into our designs deeply, you’d never even notice it.

You have a line of graphic tees, hoodies and hats. Where does your passion lay and are there other areas you are looking to branch out to like jeans or jackets?

Mark: You know, I’ve never even really thought about doing jeans or jackets. I guess if the demand is high enough, we would love to get into that. A lot of little accessories such as beanies and tank tops I had never thought we’d print on. We like to listen to our customers and see what they want. They ultimately choose what we print, as far as expanding goes. If we can keep the quality high with having the cost reasonable, we will do it.

Where do you see TC Apparel in 5 years and where can people find out more about your company and brand?

Mark: I’d love to start having clothing stores stock our gear. That is definitely an ultimate goal of ours. Having many places around the world carrying our gear would be the ultimate dream. I truly believe that we have an amazing, comfy product for a fair price, and I never want to stray away from that. We always want to continue to make badass gear, that is comfy for everyone to wear.

Originally published on Ambition Lifestyle