It is that time of year; I am talking about Sunday brunch days. Yes Easter is this weekend and mother’s day is looming over our heads and that means brunch. Now if you were thinking of having a Scotch and water for brunch good for you. I will most likely do the same, I can hide behind the fact that I gave up drinking for Lent, but do you have a legit reason.

Most people will have a Mimosa, Bloody Mary or Screw Driver for Brunch. Today the focus is on making the Mimosa a little bit manlier; yes there will be champagne and orange juice. So let’s spike this wimpy bastard up, Grand Manier is first up.

Grand Manier is used to make a Grand Mimosa, this little trick adds flavor, kick and will put some hair on your chest. It is French made Orange infused Cognac that is perfect for the job at hand. This is the same pop that takes a Margarita and makes it monster with a little bit floated on top. Here just drop a half shot or shot right into that Mimosa. It’s the same as putting nitro in a car or bike sure the old way was fine but now it’s faster.

Next up to bat Cointreau, the smooth silent killer, that gets it, whatever it may be. This super flavorful Orange Liqueur is the adult version of triple sec; when your girl or wife says her Margarita or Cosmo is too strong 9 times out of 10 it’s Cointreau’s fault. This is also a product of France; apparently the French have been trying to give the world a better Mimosa since the first one was poured. This clear, sweet, orange goodness will get you there; caution people sometimes find it hard to remember Cointreau is in the drink. Pour this 80 proof goodness with the knowledge that it is 80 proof.

Finally how about some vodka!!!! Yes Grey Goose L’orange is the perfect little nightmare for the Mimosa. It will give the flavor you’re looking for to make the Ultimate Mimosa; it makes days with the family slip away. Where did the time go, who cares after three or four of these you’ll have the time of your life.

So thank you France for champagne so we could celebrate. Thank you whoever decided to mix it with orange juice at breakfast. Thank you, France for fixing the fact that it was just not strong enough to get us through a family event; so find the one that best fits you and enjoy Easter brunch.

Originally published on PureStyle Magazine