The Tasting Room: Black Maple Hill 14 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon

Black Maple Hill Bourbon is brought to you from the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers out of Lawrenceburg, KY. Aged 14 years in American white oak, this small batch bourbon from Kentucky is also a strong bourbon at 95 proof. With a robust flavor palate, Black Maple Hill features flavors that range from coconut, caramel, and vanilla to cherry. All without the bitterness that comes with most bourbons. It’s smooth, very smooth.

The 95 proof brings the full strength of the flavors to your senses. Because it is so full flavored, it goes well with many great bourbon cocktails or just fine on the rocks or straight.

Its availability limits its rating. It’s a small batch, but it’s even more limited than that. Marketing wise, the bourbon flies below the radar. For such an amazing bourbon, you would think they would do more, make more and shout it out to the world. The bottle itself is indistinguishable from a bottle of corn syrup.

Overall, this is a fantastic bourbon that you must try… if you can find it. You can usually buy a bottle for around $33.


Bourbon Street:

  • 1½ Black Maple Hill Bourbon
  • ½ Amaretto
  • 2oz Half & Half cream
  •  Fill with Coffee

Pour contents into a bar coffee glass, stir and serve.

Optional: Garnish with chocolate shavings.


  • 1oz Black Maple Hill Bourbon
  • 1oz Apple Pucker
  • Splash of Fresh Lime Juice
  • Fill with Cranberry Juice

Mix the ingredients into a high ball glass and fill with cranberry juice.

Optional: Garnish with mint leaves.

Originally published on Ambition Lifestyle