Top 5 Games We Want for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and there are five games that we feel every gamer must have (if they haven’t already). If you don’t know what to get the gamer in your family, here are some great choices.

Number 5: Need For Speed: Most Wanted Limited Edition

The last couple Need for Speed games have failed to live up to the series reputation as the hands down king of racing games, this one however restores the hype. Featuring tons of top flight cars and a new method of upgrading them (You have to win races to upgrade). With racers forced to win races with different cars to earn enough points to challenge the “Most Wanted” racers, it forces gamers to use different cars and enhance their experience.

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Number 4: Far Cry 3

The ONLY reason this game is below the top 3 is purely due to the lack of hype compared to the top games. Far Cry 3 might very well be the very best game out this year. Amazing and stunning graphics mixed with an absolutely great story make this a must have for any first person shooter fanatic.

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Number 3: Assassin’s Creed III

Just when you think Assassin’s Creed as a series can’t top itself… it does. III features a flash back to the Revolutionary War era, starting off as a British Knight’s Templar and then later as a Native American. ACIII brings great characters and a story that blends perfectly into the true and real life events that caused and happened during the Revolutionary War. Get up close with George Washington and Sam Adams, ride and warn the militias with Paul Revere and completely wreck havoc on anyone in your path!

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Number 2: Halo 4

Instant Classic. Picking up where the last Halo left off, 4 takes you on a mission to get back home to Earth. Great game play and visuals mixed with the already classic action you come to expect out of a Halo game. No gaming collection on the 360 would be complete without it.

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Number 1: Call of Duty – Black Ops 2

After much anticipation… Call of Duty didn’t drop the ball with the Black Ops series. Black Ops 2 takes you through the eyes of Mason’s son (now a soldier) and Mason himself as they chase down terrorist Raul Melendez. Might just be the best action and graphics yet. Featuring drones and a mixture of features that were usually only in one COD game or another.

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Originally published on Ambition Lifestyle