Valentine’s Day is almost here and you may not have a gift for that special someone. Here at PureStyle we came up with few gift ideas to make her smile. These ideas will make you stand out in any woman’s eye; don’t worry we got you covered!

If perfume is on your mind, Wildbloom from Banana Republic is an excellent choice. Designed by Jean-Claude Delville of Drom, you may recognize him from the previously created Banana Republic perfumes M, W, Classic and BR. Wildbloom has an inviting fragrance with aromas of guava, pink grapefruit, blue orchid, Hawaiian pikake, and wild camellia. Wild camellia is the floral heart of the perfume. The initial citrus, blending with the floral fragrance will remind you of those romantic summer nights that have escaped you. Wildbloom is a standout, from the fragrance to the bottle’s superior design. The bottle design features a brushed leather bloom with the soft background of the bottle giving the illusion of a stem This perfume is a perfect match for the delicate, adventurous woman by your side.

For a shared experience with your valentine, head over to Vosges chocolate. You will find many fun and unique chocolates that create a surprising adventure. . Mo’ Bacon, a chocolate bar with bacon, combines the saltiness of bacon with the smooth sweetness of chocolate. If you are looking to heat things up, try one of their Mexican inspired chocolate with ancho chilies, chipotle chilies, with cinnamon blended in dark chocolate. Get some bling in Krug champagne white truffle with gold flakes from the “Hip Hop” collection. Vosges is a great way to surprise that special someone with an unexpected adventure. Visit their store or website and check out their gift sets.

For the woman with unique tastes you can’t go wrong with the Soap & Paper Factory. Founded by Lisa Devo, Beth Grubaugh, and Shannon Burch, each product is handmade in their New York factory using natural ingredients. Perhaps their most unique of products are their solid perfumes; created with jojoba oil pure bees wax, and handpicked fragrance oils. Each of the solid perfumes are infused with carefully blended scents, in small hand crafted batches. The .5oz containers are perfect for scent touchups on the go, throughout the day or night. Featured in their Patch NYC Solid Fragrance line is The Skull perfume for the punk rockin’ or hip hop-lovin’ girl, It has a mysterious otherworldly scent of black tea, anise, basil, and citrus. Or try The Whale which beautifully blends L’ orange, patchouli, basil, and jasmine and is as endless and surprising as the ocean.

Originally published on PureStyle Magazine