So now all of the vodkas have gone to war with each other; and there are only four left standing. One of them is Absolut Mango with its tropical remix added to Ice Tea it was hard to ignore the power of the drink. It simply layed the smack down on its competition up until now; with only three left no one will go down easy.

Ketel One Citroen has been bringing it and bringing it, with a flavor that instantly reminds you of an Arnold Palmer. Ice tea seems like the perfect fit with this high end vodka it almost seems like it should walk right up to the championship podium and except the title, but that is why we play the game…

Effen is just plain cooking up all types of good stuff, form there advertising to their stellar vodka. Thanks to the Raspberry flavored vodka Effen up the competition they find themselves in the final four with a hard battle ahead of them. Will they be up to the task of taking the title and being the first vodka to be victorious?

Stoli Blakberi was the weakest out of the Stoli factory and yet it is the only survivor. It proved its worth as it simple the people’s champ, I mean choice. As Blackberri ran through the bracket it left its opponent drowning in the wake. As refreshing as Ice Tea is this vodka makes it simply amazing drop fresh blackberries in as a garnish and done.

In our championship we have Ketel One Citroen vs. Effen Raspberry; Ketel One Citroen fell behind early and never came close to defeating Effen. It was a good fight but in the end weather it was the raspberries floating in the Ice Tea, the refreshing taste or the smooth finish the bottom line is that Effen pulled this one out beat the giants and as now become one in doing so. Celebrate all spring and summer long with this refreshing drink one Effen Raspberry Ice Tea!!!!!

Originally published on PureStyle Magazine