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Welcome back to episode #9 of The Certified Podcast featuring an awesome guest. We are talking to 24 year old up and coming actress Daniela Reina! Daniela is not only one of the very few actors to appear in both the DC Comics and Marvel universes in both television and film, but she is also a multi-talented stage actress and model. We have the opportunity to talk with Daniela about some of the appearances she has made such as Jessica Jones, Gotham and even a small role in the Marvel Avenger's Infinity War movie but also some up-coming roles on Orange is the New Black and the musical theater show she just finished up.

Featured on episode #8 of the Certified Podcast is a woman of many titles... Owner of KimConnects.com, Co-Host of the Game on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, TX, but the most important title she holds is wife and mother. Kimberly Alexander is the wife of late NFL player, Elijah Alexander who unfortunately passed away in March of 2010 of Multiple Myeloma cancer and the complications from that deadly disease. Ever since then, this amazing woman has picked up the fight and continued to raise awareness, do events, charities and just overall do anything in her power to hopefully bring an end to this terrible cancer and other blood based cancers as well.

I swear, I did not interview myself! Over the last decade, Auckland, New Zealand born actor Mike Ginn has been working the stage and the screen. Most notably known for his role as Gem, the gold Power Ranger on Power Rangers RPM. He shares his journey from New Zealand to now being based in Los Angeles, his goals and re-dedication to acting! Plus, did you know that Power Rangers is turning 25 this year! All that and a few jokes about having the same name yet, different pronunciations on this episode #7 of The Certified Podcast!

Who knew this kid from Houston, Texas would end up changing the lives of radio listeners all over the country thanks to his love of radio. As he likes to say... his parents named him Toby! That's right, we are talking to iHeartRadio's Toby Knapp! Toby was awesome enough to come on the show and share his journey with us. From how his love of radio all got started to his big move to the mornings here in Washington, DC at WashFM 97.1 with Chili Amar! We also get a chance to talk about how radio has evolved and showed it's staying power with adaptation of social media, what it's like being a dad to a daughter in this generation of social media and an update to his recent health issues... spoiler alert! He's doing great! All that and more... plus a really cool Halsey story... on this episode of The Certified Podcast!