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Featured on episode #8 of the Certified Podcast is a woman of many titles... Owner of KimConnects.com, Co-Host of the Game on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, TX, but the most important title she holds is wife and mother. Kimberly Alexander is the wife of late NFL player, Elijah Alexander who unfortunately passed away in March of 2010 of Multiple Myeloma cancer and the complications from that deadly disease. Ever since then, this amazing woman has picked up the fight and continued to raise awareness, do events, charities and just overall do anything in her power to hopefully bring an end to this terrible cancer and other blood based cancers as well.


The year is now 2018 and it's been 44 years since DJ Kool Herc gave birth to hip hop at a friend's birthday party in the Bronx. The young man's game is not the hip version it claims to be and the lyrics are suspect at best. Is this just an old man's rant about today's music? Is it? The thought was yes until... 


What is this world that we are about to embark upon in 2015. Is it the world that is on the verge of a 1984-esque cyberwar? Is it the rebirth of Rodney King and the LA Riots? Are we about to enter an era of civil unrest over every politically incorrect and incoherent statement or action? What is this world today as we end 2014, I don’t recognize it from just a few short years ago.


In the early 1900's a new cocktail burst on the scene known as the Aviation. It was invented by Hotel Wallick bartender Hugo Ensslin in New York City. The inspiration behind the drink is unknown, but one would think the fast talking, high flying (metaphorically speaking) socialite gentlemen of the New York scene in the early 1900's might have been quite the influence for the name.


What is the definition of dignity? According to Websters, it is "the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect." Unless a man leaves a legacy that harms others and damages his fellow man, the legacy a man leaves should not just be of his most famous act. It should go beyond that to a level of dignity. Saturday evening a man passed away. A man who's death that TMZ would title "Crack Mayor Dead at 78." That man was Marion Barry.


The Negroni is an Italian classic. Invented in 1919 in Florence Italy by Count Camillo Negroni, the gin based apéritif has long since been many bartender's favorite drink to make. The story goes that Count Negroni asked his favorite bartender, a gentleman named Fosco Scarselli, to make his favorite drink the Americano a little stronger. By adding gin instead of soda water and adding a orange zest instead of the usual garnish of a lemon, the Negroni was born. Named after the Count himself. 


To understand what a Pisco Sour is you first need to understand what Pisco is all about. Pisco is a colorless brandy that originates from Peru and is currently one of the largest exports from South American countries both Peru and Chile. Mentions of Pisco go back as far as the late 1500's and has been so popular that the spirit was a favorite of gold rushers in San Francisco and the rest of California during the 1800's and early 1900's. It is traditionally distilled in copper pot stills much like Scotch or Whiskey and it's flavor not only comes from the distillation process but the grapes used in the process and the region they grow. There are four different levels of purity in Peru...