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When Rock City produced Ryan Montgomery, little did they know he would grow up to be one of the dopest lyricist to ever rock the mic. You know him a little better by the name Royce Da 5"9" or even by Nickle. Born on the east side of Detroit and growing up in Oak Park, Royce would be cultivated by the sounds of Biggie and Pac, Ras Kass and Redman. The era of real gangsta hip-hop.

At 16 years old, Brooklyn's Edward Archer released what is still one of the most recognized hip-hop songs of all time. In 1989, Archer released "I Got It Made" which was a catchy and free-flowing masterpiece. His debut album, "Youngest In Charge" also featured "I'm the Magnificent" and sold over a half-million copies.


Jeff Townes, Philadelphia born and raised, and to most of the world is better known as DJ Jazzy Jeff is world renown for his participation in the legendary rap group, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince with long time best friend Will Smith. But I find myself constantly defending DJ Jazzy Jeff to those who just don't know that the man is more than a sidekick, in fact, Jeff was not only the back bone of the group but also the launching pad for some of today's hottest stars.