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Don't look now... The Chicago Bulls are tied for the top spot in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Tied with the Boston Celtics. Ahead of the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks. One year ago, no one would have thought this to be possible. Improved? Sure... This good? No way.


As a baby, growing up in America you quickly realize a few things as religion. Depending on where you grew up it could either be the steel factories in Pittsburgh, or cheese in Wisconsin. It could be the waves of the ocean or the cold blizzard conditions of New England. But no matter where you grew up, if you are an American male you almost certainly grew up knowing the major holidays... Your birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, the week of the NBA Finals, the World Series & the Super Bowl. And despite some Americans lack of affection towards the NBA or MLB, a vast majority grew up knowing one thing... When the Super Bowl is on everyone watches!