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The year is now 2018 and it's been 44 years since DJ Kool Herc gave birth to hip hop at a friend's birthday party in the Bronx. The young man's game is not the hip version it claims to be and the lyrics are suspect at best. Is this just an old man's rant about today's music? Is it? The thought was yes until... 


From impoverished beginnings as the son of a single 15 year old mother, Allen Iverson began his journey through this life as statistic and made himself the exception. His triumph was not just becoming an 11 time NBA All-Star or even winning the prestigious NBA Most Valuable Player award in 2001. No, his triumph was just making it out of his Hampton Roads, Virginia home alive and out of prison. Iverson embodied the American dream for many around him and his heart and loyalty never left anyone behind. His triumph and downfall was his passion, and it was his passion that led an entire generation to not only idolize the undersized underdog personality of his but at the end of the day show Allen Iverson the most cherished gift this world can give... Respect.