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Featured on episode #8 of the Certified Podcast is a woman of many titles... Owner of KimConnects.com, Co-Host of the Game on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, TX, but the most important title she holds is wife and mother. Kimberly Alexander is the wife of late NFL player, Elijah Alexander who unfortunately passed away in March of 2010 of Multiple Myeloma cancer and the complications from that deadly disease. Ever since then, this amazing woman has picked up the fight and continued to raise awareness, do events, charities and just overall do anything in her power to hopefully bring an end to this terrible cancer and other blood based cancers as well.


Do you feel that? No, that is not an earthquake in the traditional sense but the proverbial nature of the shaking is rocking the NFL and it's owners to it's core. Maybe this Christmas the National Football League and it's commissioner Roger Goodell can send Ray Rice a thank you note full of coal, because it was his incident on February 15th of this year the started the rumbling that has turned the NFL on it's side and put everyone on notice.


The question that will surround Michael Sam for the rest of his eternity and most definitely his NFL career is that if he wasn't publicly gay would he even be on an NFL roster? Is it fair? Yes. Why? Because he made it a public topic. When Sam publicly announced before the NFL draft that the current Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC is gay and proud of that, he made it a topic. The NFL was put in a corner. Do they draft him even though he might not be NFL material or do they pass on him and face the brutal public ridicule that would come with the media and numerous LBGT organizations boycotting their product.


As a baby, growing up in America you quickly realize a few things as religion. Depending on where you grew up it could either be the steel factories in Pittsburgh, or cheese in Wisconsin. It could be the waves of the ocean or the cold blizzard conditions of New England. But no matter where you grew up, if you are an American male you almost certainly grew up knowing the major holidays... Your birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, the week of the NBA Finals, the World Series & the Super Bowl. And despite some Americans lack of affection towards the NBA or MLB, a vast majority grew up knowing one thing... When the Super Bowl is on everyone watches!